Commemorative stamp for 50 years of IAK

  • Year 2020
  • Local Köln, Germany
  • Tags Graphic Design, Visual Identity


IAK was founded 50 years ago in Cologne, Germany, with the aim of researching and developing the advancement of innovation and creativity. Currently it is present in 25 countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Italy, USA, among others.

It method and approach help companies like Credit Suisse, Porsche, Bayer, Airbus, Volkswagen, Siemens, BMW, etc.

The development of the commemorative stamp had as premise to transmit this idea of multidisciplinarity, innovation and creativity.


Using the Institute’s brand, we try to keep some strong aspects present in it design, such as the gradient of colors that represent creativity, among other things.


A stamp that preserve the characteristics of the IAK brand, but can also mix the rainbow colors bringing the concept of interaction, collaboration and a view of the future.