Portobello 2020 Releases

  • Year 2020
  • Local Florianopolis, SC - Brazil
  • Tags Ambient Photography, Editorial, Graphic Design, Product Photography, Visual Identity


UNLIMITED 2020 Portobello New Collection: where creating has no limits. The flagship was slabs, pieces of 3.20 meters that replace natural stone and allow different shapes and formats.

Several renowned designers created exclusive lines including Antonio Bernardo with the award-winning Atmosfera, Oscar Metsavaht, Guilherme Wentz among others.


The main material of the communication was the catalogue that aimed to present the multiple creative forms, their applications and technical specificities. A mix of creative + technical.

3 catalogues were created for the boutique channels (Portobello Shop), multi-brand (home centers) and general export. Each with its product mix.


Considered one of the best materials of the company in recent years, as it managed to combine creativity with technical specification. In addition, the Atmosfera line designed by Antonio Bernardo was the big winner of the product award of the year.