Ecofiber new brand

  • Year 2020
  • Local Blumenau
  • Tags Graphic Design, Packaging, Visual Identity


Ecofiber is a company of the textile group Altenburg of Santa Catarina. An almost century-old group that invests heavily in sustainability. Ecofiber produces insulating blankets in PET, which has several forms of application, from upholstery to civil construction. The whole process is sustainable. Much of the inputs are 100% recycled or 100% recyclable. It does not use additives or resins and the entire production process is by heat (Thermo systems).


All work was carried out in stages. First, the UX team worked on research and design thinking to understand how the several marketing channels and their consumers understood the product and the company.

In the second moment, the team of designers understood that the company’s old brand had some elements that did not clearly show the company’s values and purpose. Like, for example, the gray color that referred to something industrial and polluting and the recycling symbol that referred to a recycling company and not insulating blankets.



The result was a brand that corresponds to the expectations of stakeholders, regarding their values and, mainly, the perception of the market that can see what the company’s values and positioning, in addition to the benefits of its products.