YEAR 2013
CLIENT Consortium led by Odebrecht Engineering.
LOCAL Rio de Janeiro

Adapt the Maracana to the guidelines of FIFA to hold the World Cup in 2014. Create and implement the signage for the new Maracana focused on the viewer, respecting all safety, accessibility, and emergency standards, in addition to providing bilingual information.


From the prerequisites we developed communication that was of rapid assimilation and also assertive. In addition, used for the first time was research data on flow control in areas with a concentration of people, with research conducted by the University of Oxford, UK.

Another important item incorporated into the project was the distinction of materials used to develop the communication pieces. In addition to the prequisites of ease of maintenance and durability, the quality of raw material varied depending on the site of use. For example, more upscale and refined materials were implemented in VIP areas, where there was a need to interact with the architecture and decoration of environments.


The project was developed in 18 months, starting with a complete survey of the area, mapping every point where there would be a communication piece (there were more than 5,000 points) and also daily monitoring of the physical work of the stadium. Then simultaneously to the work, a study of rules and applied research was commenced along with a creation of font families and iconography developing the technical drawings of each piece of communication and its manufacture and implementation.

Involved Areas

Engineering, architecture, graphic design and product development departments.


The Maracanã stadium was the only World Cup stadium that earned top marks from FIFA with regard to user communication.

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